Frequently asked questions about curling 

Many people are not sure of the physical requirements to play curling and the associated costs. Following are questions that are most often asked:

1. What ages can play the sport?

Any age from five years old to no age limit. We have players over 80 years old still playing. Unfortunately, our club does not have a Junior program, although we do have the little rocks for this program. We do have a ‘senior’ league which curls during the day every weekday, but there are really not age restrictions to the days and times of our leagues. The Learn to Curl program we have has had curlers ranging from teens to seniors and it’s great fun.

2. What physical condition do you have to be in?

If you are able to walk and have good balance, you should be able to play. Many curlers who have difficulty with balance, or with bending their hips or knees may use a special stick to deliver the stones.

3. Can I get hurt playing the sport?

As in any other sport, there is always the risk of sustaining an injury. With the proper equipment and training, the risk is minimized considerably. There is also new safety equipment available today which helps to protect the head, knees, wrists, etc. should a fall occur. 

4. Is it an expensive sport?

Relatively speaking, it is reasonable when compared to the costs of playing hockey and golf. The season, which lasts from mid-October to the end of March/early April timeframe, runs from $300 to $450 depending on how many leagues you want to play.

5. Do I need expensive equipment?

No, you can start with a clean pair of sneakers and a $15 slider that fits over your shoe. As you develop your skills in the game, you can buy special shoes and your own broom, which can typically be around or under $200.

6. Do I have to bring a full team to play? What if it’s only myself signing up and I don’t have a team of four?

There are usually members who are looking for teammates or spares during the season, so if you are an individual signing up and wish to play in a league, please do not be discouraged and sign up today! You may also contact us ahead of time and we can see who may need an extra player or what options are available to best suit your needs. 

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If you would like to get more information about the Club, please let us know! If you would liked to visit us – you must book in advance given the current COVID situation. Our daytime leagues normally start at approx 9am, and our evening leagues start at 6:45pm.

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