Committee Info


The Membership Committee shall seek to maintain the Club membership at a satisfactoty level and to attract the interest of new members. In addition, it shall be its duty to see that new members are welcomed to the Club and that arrangements are made for their initial instruction in curling.

The Membership Committee shall be responsible for:

Maintaining an up-to-date membership and phone list and to collect the membership dues in co-ordination with the Treasurer. Copies of up-to-date phone lists must be available at the Club at all times.

Co-ordinating with the Match and Food Committee, on events ie: the wine & cheese party to be held in conjunction with the Opening Spiel.

Director: Sylvain Boudreault (email)



The Match Committee be in charge of all the curling activities of the Club and shall be responsible for the use of the ice. The Secretary of the committee shall keep a record of all matches, scores thereof and record of trophies won by the Club. All records of important competitions shall be
kept by the Secretary in a suitable book for the information of the Club.

Director: Marc Pilon(email)




The Ice Committee ‘s key responsibility is for that portion of the building housing the ice surface.

Specific responsibilities are as follows:
(a) making ice
(b) preparing and maintaining the ice surface for all club events
(c) maintenance of the ice plant and equipment
(d) providing care and upkeep of the Club brooms
(e) preparation of a duty list for the Iceman

Director: Steve Angelo  (email)

Members: Bernie Dumontier, Tony Grundwald, Dan Landriault, Garnett Gow, Jeff Clark, Bruce Campbell, 


The Canteen Committee shall be responsible for providing Canteen refreshments as deemed necessary but excluding functions performed in the kitchen


Members: George Butts,  Dan Landriault, George Rathwell, Dave Waltham 


The House Committee shall have control and supervision of the Club premises except as herein otherwise provided and the administration of the Rules and Regulations affecting same. The Committee shall be responsible for the care and maintenance of the Club property including:
furnishings, heating, lighting, plumbing equipment and for a perpetual inventory thereof. The House Director will maintain a close liaison with the Canteen Director for clean up before and after special functions such as: bonspiels and parties.

Director: Dave Angelo  (email)

Members: Dan McLeod, Tony Grunwald, George Rathwell


The Day Curlers committee’s key responsibility shall be to organize and operate the day curlers program that will provide co-ordination of the clubs day curlers.

Director: Murray Hatt  (email)


Communications Director

Director: Maggie Kennedy (email)



The Entertainment Committee shall have control and directions of:

(a) arrangements for carrying out any social entertainment and hospitality extended to visitors and outside Clubs.

(b) Developing an entertainment package to include the following key events:

– various mini-mixed bonspiels;

– “friendlies” with other clubs in conjunction with Canteen and Match Committees;

– planning of the closing banquet (within budget), New Year’s Eve Party, the closing party and any social summer event such as: Golf tournaments, B.B.Q.’s or Corn roasts.

– looking after the Club’s Music system

Director: Laura Gillingham (email)

Members: Michel Lorrain, Sandra Lorrain


Junior/Little Rocks

The Junior program committee’s key responsibility shall be to organize and operate a little league and Junior program that will provide instruction and coaching.

Members: No members at this time.


Grass Cutters

Members: Bernie Dumontier, Dan McLeod, , Wayne Rock, George Rathwell. Shayne Covney