1. The Cumberland Curling Club is owned and run by volunteer members for the benefit of all members. The Club is not subsidized by the City of Ottawa or any other “official” party.
  2. Each member is expected to help out wherever they can, by tending bar, cleaning the club and the ice, assisting with invitational bonspiels, and serving on the various committees established to operate the club. This serves to keep our annual membership fees reasonable.
  3. Our club is a part of the Ottawa Valley Curling Association (OVCA), the Ontario Curling Association (OCA), and the Canadian Curling Association (CCA). A portion of your fees is paid to the OVCA and the CCA annually to enable members to curl in sanctioned bonspiels and events.
  4. The Club has been active in the community for more than 50 years. It remains a relatively small club catering to approximately 140+ members and operates from early October to end April annually.
  5. We host a number of invitational bonspiels – principally a Mixed and a Men’s Deep Sea Spiel which are well know throughout the Ottawa Valley curling community.
  6. We have a good number of internal bonspiels at the club which we encourage all members to consider entering. We also host a few special club events where we can introduce friends and relatives to the game.
  7. The Board of Directors is elected from the Membership – it is a volunteer board that is supported by committees. They are always open to new ideas and offers of assistance. If you have any questions about the Club or its operations you are encouraged to approach any member of the board. You may be invited to attend a Board meeting (usually monthly) to discuss your concern.
  8. We hold general meetings of the membership (semi-annual in November and annual in April) to discuss issues of general interest to the Club. All members are invited and encouraged to attend these meetings to support the Club.
  9. New ideas are always welcome, as are offers of assistance.